I am with you
right there in that room
there is no distance between us
can you feel the energy of these words?
if you trust that I could never hurt you, with words
I will enter your heart

your heart is this whole room
there is love here, but jagged edges and a fault line
a crack
may I heal it?
I’ll use an old trick : love
I breathed in as much love as I could muster into these words
to seal the crack

a detail : your heart is in the center
not a bit to the left

these words are secret magic
I put in all I could between the spaces and laced the digital ink with smiles
as you read on, you may actually feel it
like a warm blanket
I’ll tell you a secret :
I came in through your back
between your shoulder blades
to take a peek-look at your heart
if you can’t see it yourself, you’re missing out
it’s beautiful in here
you should check it out some time

there it is : bright as anything
like a little sun inside you
I just gave it a hug
it smiled

I was with you right then
I hope you always remember
I will leave you with a bit of what I am
love and light


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